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October 6, 2011

Oakland City Council delays vote on gang injunctions and curfew laws







Looks like the ongoing debate over the Oakland gang injunctions and a citywide curfew for teenagers will continue for some time, as Mayor Quan and City Council voted to delay a final decision on the proposals.

Mayor Jean Quan cast the tie-breaking vote to delay a final decision on the trio of proposals, which included an expansion on gang injunctions, a citywide curfew for teens and a strict anti-loitering ordinance. -Bay Citizen 

Some council members argued that curfew and loitering laws have been proven as successful crime fighting tools in other major cities, while others others say that the police won’t be able to “arrest their way” out of Oakland’s crime problem.


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Young people speak out about Syria

Our partners at the KQED Do Now Project have asked young people to add their voices to the ongoing debate around US Action in Syria. To add your voice to the dialogue, visit the Do Now site at:
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Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland takes root in Frank Ogawa Plaza

The anti-corporate protests that started in Wall Street have spread across the nation, and this week the occupation movement has made it's mark on Oakland. Hundreds of people have gathered and pitched tents in Frank Ogawa plaza...
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